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08Aug 2016

Reverting Policy Changes

It is easy to revert all the policy changes in the device by moving the devices to a new group for example “Open Devices” group. In this example, LG Devices – Contains custom “App Restriction” policies. Open Devices – Does not have any “App restriction” policies. Steps: Create a new group called “Open Devices” with […]

20May 2016

How to remove MDM from Android M(Marshmallow)

Android M Marshmallow (6.0.1) MDM removal steps: Step 1: Open “Settings” app Step 2: Scroll all the way down and go to “Lock Screen and Security” Step 3: Scroll all the way down and go to “Other Security Settings” Step 4: Tap on “Device Administrators” Step 5: Tap on “Codeproof Device Administration” and select “DEACTIVATE” […]

03May 2016

The new Samsung MDM Agent App

We have launched a new Samsung MDM app. With the new Samsung MDM app, IT admins can restrict Samsung device with a lot more policies such as blocking split-screen, blocking safe mode boot, enabling branding logo in the lock screen, remotely configuring IMAP email etc. We are decommissioning the existing Samsung MDM app and we […]

21Mar 2016

How to remove MDM from iPhone, iPad and iPod?

Here are the steps to remove MDM profile from the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Steps: Open “Settings” App. Scroll down and then tap on “General” section from the left menu Scroll down all the way and then tap on “Device Management” Then tap on “MDM Profile” Then tap on “Remove Management” If it […]

27Jan 2016

Agent less MDM enrollment

For Apple iPhone and iPad devices, MDM agent app installation on each devices is not required. Administrator can directly download codeproof mdm profile and deploy it to all the mobile devices using a simple email. Steps: Signup with Codeproof here Download MDM profile from here Distribute the profile over email or a webpage End user […]

11Nov 2015

Apple Watch MDM Policies

  Apple watch supports following MDM policies available in iOS 8 and iOS 9.   They are: Force Watch Wrist Detection – If set to true, a paired Apple Watch will be forced to use Wrist Detection. Defaults to false. Available in iOS 8.2 and later. Allow Paired Watch – For Supervised devices only. If […]

11Nov 2015

iOS 9 MDM Restriction Policies

Following iOS9 restriction policies can be controlled using MDM. Most of them are available only on company owned “Supervised” devices. They are: Allow Automatic App Downloads(Supervised) Allow Device Name Modification(Supervised) Allow Enterprise App Trust Allow Enterprise App Trust Modification(Supervised) Allow Keyboard Shortcuts(Supervised) Allow News(Supervised) Allow Paired Watch(Supervised) Allow Passcode Modification(Supervised) Allow ScreenShot and Screen Recording […]

10Nov 2015

How to setup a email account using MDM

Setting up Microsoft Exchange accounts on iOS Devices. To setup an exchange active-sync (EAS) email account or profile, Please following these steps. 1. Login to console and select a device node using Mobile Policy Manager. 2. On right side panel, select “iOS Security” and then select “iOS Configurations”. 3. Then go to “Microsoft Exchange” section […]

19Aug 2015

Blocking AppStore in Apple Devices

Using Codeproof, Administrator can disable AppStore from all the iPhone and iPad devices. This will prevent user from installing apps from AppStore.  Usually Administrator will install the required apps in the device first and then disable AppStore before handovering devices to employees/users. [To install apps using Codeproof platform please refer to this article] After installing required apps, Administrator […]

01Jul 2015

Group based mobile policy administration access

Codeproof management portal (console) now allows account Administrator to create & assign co-admins to each groups.  Administrator can add co-admins account in the “Administration” panel and then assign a particular group to him or her. Now this co-admin can only manage assigned group of devices. He doesn’t have a full access to the entire company. […]

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