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04Oct 2018

Apple Business Manager – Apps Deployment

The following steps show how to deploy mobile apps using Apple Business Manager (formerly known as VPP) along with EMM.  Apple combined the VPP portal and DEP portal into a single portal called Apple Business Manager. Using Apple Business Manager, MDM administrator can enroll devices into MDM silently and deploy apps to devices silently as well.


1. Signup or login to Apple Business Manager.


2. Purchase App Licenses.

  • Purchase app licenses even if they are free apps. For free apps, it doesn’t cost anything.
  • Search App names in the top search bar.
  • purchasing-apps

Purchasing of Apps Continued…



3. MDM Deployment Token download.

  • For deployment, download the MDM server token (formerly known as VPP Token). This is one-time thing to connect the Apple account with the MDM .



4. Import Server token in the MDM.

  • Go to browser download folder.
  • Look for a file with an extension “.vpptoken”.
  • Open the file in the notepad and copy the content below and hit “Save”.




5. Push apps.

  • Expand the Manage button.
  • Select the app you want to push.
  • Click on “assign license” to push it to iPhone or iPads.







The following installation prompt will appear in the device. The Apple-Id is not required in the device.


App installation Notification:



App Install Prompt :

User must accept the install prompt to continue the app installation.




For more about the purchasing Apps and Books using Apple Business Manager click here.

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