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07Jan 2019

VPP Manager – Deploying iOS Apps

Lately we’ve revamped our VPP Manager for deploying iOS Apps in the enterprise. Now the VPP Manager has been integrated with the Policy Manager. So the MDM Administrator can select any device or a group and push apps to it instantly. [NOTE: First time, to import token from Apple Business Manager  go to EMM-> VPP […]

19Nov 2018

Distracted Driving

The Codeproof platform offers a set of MDM restriction policies for distracted driving purpose.  These restriction policies are enforced automatically when the vehicle is in motion and the policy enforcement will be removed when the device exit the vehicle. The device motion activity is detected using a low powered sensors data. For a greater driver […]

01Nov 2018

Network Monitoring in Android

Using the Codeproof enterprise mobility platform, now Administrator can remotely monitor the network activities in the android phone and tablet devices. This will help IT security Administrator to have a close watch on network activities in the enterprise and will tremendously increase security. This is the initial version and we will improve this feature in […]

15Oct 2018

Suspending and Hiding Apps in Android

Using the Codeproof platform, the IT Administrator can block the app execution by suspending or hiding an app. In the example below, we show how to block the “Settings” app in the device. Steps: Adding Blocking Policies in the Cloud Console: Select a device or a group of devices in the Policy Manager. Go to […]

10Oct 2018

Cloud Console TWO Factor (2FA) Authentication

The Codeproof Cloud Console or Admin Console now supports 2FA for administrator logins. We have built a simple to use TWO factor authentication system. Enabling the 2FA is a snap. Please follow these instructions. 1. Enabling 2FA. Login to Cloud Console . Go to “Account” -> “Settings” from top right corner. Then go to […]

10Oct 2018

Send SMS Text to Phones

Using The Codeproof EMM Platform, IT administrator can centrally push SMS Text to enrolled mobile phones from Codeproof cloud console.   1. Send an SMS text to all the phones in the group “iOS Devices”. See below image illustrations.   2. Send an SMS Text to a single iPhone. See below.   3. Edit the […]

04Oct 2018

Apple Business Manager – Apps Deployment

The following steps show how to deploy mobile apps using Apple Business Manager (formerly known as VPP) along with EMM.  Apple combined the VPP portal and DEP portal into a single portal called Apple Business Manager. Using Apple Business Manager, MDM administrator can enroll devices into MDM silently and deploy apps to devices silently as well. […]

03Oct 2018

Apple Business Manager – Device Enrollment

The following steps show how to enroll corporate owned devices using Apple Business Manager (formerly known as DEP).  Apple combined the DEP portal and VPP portal into a single portal called Apple Business Manager. Using Apple Business Manager, MDM administrator can enroll devices into MDM silently and deploy apps to devices silently as well. Steps: 1. […]

09Aug 2018

Enabling pre-loaded system apps in Android Enterprise

In the Android Enterprise(Android For Work) EMM enrollment, the default pre-loaded system apps will be disabled automatically after the enrollment. This is to increase mobile security by blocking all the OEM pre-loaded bloatware apps which are not required for business purpose. So EMM Administrators have to allow which system apps they need in the device.  […]

12Jul 2018

Selectively deploying apps from the managed playstore

Instead of automatically deploying all the AfW approved apps to all the devices, The EMM administrator can selectively push different apps to different group of devices.  Please follow these steps. Uncheck “Auto deployment of Approved Apps” policy Go to Playstore Manager and selectively deploy apps from google playstore on a selected devices. See below image […]

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