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18Jan 2017

How to turn-off kiosk mode?

The MDM administrator can remotely turn-off kiosk mode. Steps: Login to Codeproof Cloud Console Go to Mobile Policy Manager from the TOP menu Then select a single device and or a group of devices from the left side tree From the right side panel, go to “Kiosk App Management” Select “All Apps” and hit “Save” […]

20May 2016

How to remove MDM from Android

Device Admin Removal Instructions:   Step 1: Open “Settings” app Step 2: Scroll all the way down and go to “Lock Screen and Security” Step 3: Scroll all the way down and go to “Other Security Settings” Step 4: Tap on “Device Administrators” Step 5: Tap on “Codeproof Device Administration” and select “DEACTIVATE” Step 6: […]

18May 2015

How to setup a global transparent proxy in mobile devices?

Using the Codeproof enterprise mobility platform, The MDM/EMM Administrator can centrally configure global proxy on all the Android and Supervised Apple devices. 1. Global proxy policy for Android (Android Enterprise/AFW enabled devices) Steps: Login to Admin Cloud Console here Go to Policy Manager from the top menu Select a device or a group of devices […]

18May 2015

Mobile Kiosk Branding

The MDM Administrator can remotely set a branding information in the Kiosk app(Codeproof App Manager) including company info, custom wallpaper and layout. Branding information includes the following. 1. Title 2. SubTitle 3. Branding image (Wallpaper image) See below!   Customized Kiosk Screen In the device  

18May 2015

Call Tracking and Mobile Expense Management

Codeproof offers a centralized mobile call tracking and expense reports availability for all the Android & Samsung phones. By going to “Device Properties” page, call logs from each phone can be viewed.   From the “Reports” section from top menu, Following expense reports are available. Call details by each mobile number. Cal summary report by […]

06Feb 2015

How to optimize Battery usage and Data usage in Android?

In Android, Device owner can check the battery usage per app app basis and also data usage per app basis. By checking what app is consuming how much battery and how much data, You will have the opportunity to optimize the usage and have a more control over the devices. IT administrator in the businesses […]

12Jan 2015

Secure internet browser and website content blocking

Codeproof Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform now allows administrator to remotely allow/block certain websites based on url and keywords. Codeproof solution offers a free browser app integrated with Codeproof MDM platform. Using Codeproof admin console, Administrator can remotely define a whitelist or blacklist of websites. In order to increase mobile security, Admin can block websites […]

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