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17Jun 2013

How to enforce group level BYOD policies?

Central mobile policy management never been easier. Codeproof Administrators can now set policies at the group level, and all the mobile devices in the group will download these policies instantly. Administrator can also right click on device tree and create custom groups and sub-groups. Then drag-and-drop device node from default group “iOS devices” to newly […]

31May 2013

How to remotely configure WiFi on multiple mobile devices?

Use Codeproof MDM to remotely configure WIFI settings on hundreds of mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and various Android based devices. Configuring WiFi on iOS devices: Step-1: Login to Codeproof console here . If you don’t have a Codeproof account, Please signup here . Step-2: In the Console Dashboard, Go to “Mobile Policy Manager” from […]

06May 2013

How to remove Codeproof ?

Here are the steps to uninstall Codeproof from Android and iOS devices. Please follow the steps carefully. Steps to remove Codeproof from Android based devices(Phone & tablets): 1. Disable Device Administration Open “Settings” App Tap on “Security” Now again tap on “Select Device Administrators” or “Tablet Administrators” Uncheck “Codeproof Device Administration” Select “DEACTIVATE” to disable […]

03Apr 2013

How to ping a device using Codeproof?

To ping (wake-up) a device or group of devices in order to refresh device properties and policies, Select a device(or group) in the policy manager directory tree and then right mouse click on it and select menu “Ping Device(s)”. Here are the steps: 1. Launch Codeproof Console 2. Go to Mobile Policy Manager from […]

27Dec 2012

How to remotely wipe all the data from Android Phone

Using Codeproof, you can remotely erase all the data from your Android Phone, Android Tablet, Samsung, LG, iPhone or iPad. This article explains how do it in case of Samsung Phone. If you are not using Codeproof,  Signup with Codeproof Service. If you are an existing customer, log-in to Codeproof Cloud Console. Go to Policy […]

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