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20Sep 2014

Codeproof MDM enrollment using Apple Configurator

Now Codeproof fully supports device enrollment using apple configurator for mass MDM deployments. All you have to do is, download the Codeproof MDM profile and deploy it using Apple configurator. Device enrollment becomes a lot easier now. Codeproof iOS-app installation is not required anymore.

Here are the instructions:

1. Signup with Codeproof here

2. Download MDM profile from here

3. Get a MAC computer and Download Apple configurator, a free tool from MAC appstore (Link is here. Launch Apple configurator.

4. You also need to configure Wi-Fi settings as part of the deployment because active internet connection is required for the device enrollment. You can have a temporary Wi-Fi configuration profile which expires in 10 minutes or so.

5. The Wi-Fi configuration needs to be added to the apple configurator at the prepare phase and the Codeproof MDM profile needs to be included in the supervise phase.

Apple Configrator Device enrollment

Apple Configrator Device enrollment

6. Turn on device “Supervision” only if required. Supervision enables more remote control functions in the device. To learn more about Supervision click here.

7. Create an image and deploy it to all of the devices.

8. Login to cloud console here and manage devices & apps. All the devices will appear in the Mobile Policy Manager section of the console. Device name is used as a identification in the directory tree.

NOTE: With configurator deployment, Don’t install Codeproof app on each of the devices.

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