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01Apr 2014

How to block ‘settings’ changes in Android & Samsung devices?

There are two ways, Administrator can restrict changes to Android Settings. One way is using “Device Restriction” policies in Samsung devices. The other way using “Codeproof App Manager (Kiosk App)”.

A. Using Device Restriction Policies.

Using Codeproof Samsung Galaxy EMM, Administrator can restrict changes to “Settings” in Samsung Galaxy line of devices.

Here are the steps:-

1. Sign-up to Codeproof here
2. Install Samsung Galaxy EMM app on galaxy line of devices (Android 4.0 +) – download it from google playstore here
3. Open app and enroll device by entering Codeproof account info
4. Log-in to Codeproof cloud console to enable device restriction policy

Here is a policy screen.

Device Restriction policy

B. Using Codeproof App Manager

On Android and Samsung devices, Administrator can install Codeproof App Manager (Kiosk) App from google playstore and block settings app.

More info can be found here

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