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03Apr 2013

How to bulk enroll devices in the Codeproof Platform?

To make device enrollment easier, The MDM Administrator can create a separate enrollment account in Codeproof console for device enrollment purposes. Then email the enrollment account userid/password with an app download link to all the users/employees.

Step 1:

  • Login To Cloud Console. Then go to “Administration” panel from the top menu.
  • Select “Add New” to create a new administrator account.
  • Create a new user for example
  • Make sure to select the User Role “Enrollment”  ( Enrollment role can not login to admin portal. Only used in the device to register it)
  • Now this new account can be used to enroll the devices.  See below image illustrations.




Note: This enrollment account can’t be used to log-in to Administration Console.

Step 2:

Email the below App download link and enrollment account/password to all your employees for device enrollment.

Step 3:

After installing the above MDM app in the Device, Open the App and user can enter following data to enroll his/her phone/tablet devices.

Password: xxxx
Enrollment Id: (The Enrollment id can be employee id or employee name. This can be used to identify the device in the Codeproof cloud console)

See below image illustrations.

Device Enrollment

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