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31May 2013

How to create webclips (web shortcuts) using Codeproof MDM?

Use Codeproof MDM to create webclips (web shortcuts) in the iOS devices home screen. Creating webclips is extremely easy in Codeproof and you don’t need to use iPhone configuration utility.

Step-1: Login to Codeproof console here . If you don’t have a Codeproof account, Please signup here .

Step-2: Goto Mobile Policy Manager from top menu.

Step-3: Select a group of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices) and on right side select “iOS Security” tab and then select “Webclips” tab. See bellow.

iPhone and iPad webclips in the home screen

Step-4: Enter your webclips name and url (link) and hit “Save”. That’s it. All the iOS devices in this group will have these webclips. All these webclips will be launched in “FULL SCREEN” mode. See below.

Webclips in the iPhone home screen

How to remove Webclips?.

In order to remove webclips icons from the device, Please follow following steps.

1. Goto to “Settings” in your iOS device.
2. Then goto “General” section and then goto “Profiles”. See below screen.
3. Remove “Codeproof Webclips Profile” (Enter your device screenlock passcode if it prompts you)
4. Restart the device. All the webclips icons in the home-screen will go away!

Removing Weblcips Profile from Settings

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