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11Nov 2015

iOS 9 MDM Restriction Policies

Following iOS9 restriction policies can be controlled using MDM. Most of them are available only on company owned “Supervised” devices.

They are:

    1. Allow Automatic App Downloads(Supervised)
    2. Allow Device Name Modification(Supervised)
    3. Allow Enterprise App Trust
    4. Allow Enterprise App Trust Modification(Supervised)
    5. Allow Keyboard Shortcuts(Supervised)
    6. Allow News(Supervised)
    7. Allow Paired Watch(Supervised)
    8. Allow Passcode Modification(Supervised)
    9. Allow ScreenShot and Screen Recording
    10. Allow App Installation(Supervised)
    11. Allow Wallpaper Modification(Supervised)
    12. Force AirDrop Unmanaged


In the Codeproof management Console, Using Mobile Policy Manager, Administrator can remotely enable/disable these policies.  See below.


iOS Policy Editor

iOS Policy Editor


iOS9 Restrictions Policies

iOS9 Restrictions Policies




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