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06Nov 2013

iOS7 system properties are available

Following iOS7 system properties are available.

IsSupervised – If true, the device is supervised. [Availability: Available in iOS 6 and later]

IsDeviceLocatorServiceEnabled – If true, the device has a device locator service (such as Find My iPhone) enabled. [Availability: Available in iOS 7 and later]

IsDoNotDisturbInEffect – If true, Do Not Disturb is in effect. This returns true whenever Do Not Disturb is turned on, even if the device is not currently locked. [Availability: Available in iOS 7 and later]

iTunesStoreAccountIsActive – true if the user is currently logged into an active iTunes Store account.

PersonalHotspotEnabled – True if the Personal Hotspot feature is currently turned on. This value is available only with certain carriers. [Availability: iOS 7.0 and later]

You can view these system properties from device properties section in the Codeproof Console. See below.

iOS7 System Properties

iOS7 System Properties

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