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15May 2014

Koler Android Malware

Recently a new Android threat was discovered. The threat named Koler.A (it maybe referred to generically by some security software programs) purportedly is installed to Android phones and tablets when users attempt to download apps from third party sites.

It’s important to note that to date there have been no reports of devices being affected when apps have been downloaded from the Google Play Store.

These third party sites usually include porn sites where users willingly go, view information and agree to download an app the site offers up. To be infected, a user must change Android settings to allow out-of-market apps and then manually install the APK.

Once done so the threat activates on the device and it has been reported to lock the device, and display a message supposedly from law enforcement.  In addition there have then been reports that the authors will make contact and demand $300 to unlock the phone.

Codeproof has not verified this, however we have updated our Android anti-virus signature database to include detection for the threat. If the threat is detected by Codeproof during a scan of any downloaded app the user will be notified and can take action to remove the app.

This threat has been classified as Ransomware. Ransomware has been a fairly widespread type of threat on PC’s for quite some time and users are encouraged as always to download apps from trusted sites such as anyone of the app stores available to their device.

Your Codeproof app will automatically update to install the latest signatures to keep you protected from this and other threats.

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