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27Jan 2014

Location based mobile policies – Geofencing

We’ve introduced the anticipated location based mobile policies also known as Geofencing. With this feature an administrator can define multiple geographical regions within the Codeproof console and apply the mobile policies to devices in those regions. When the device is identified within the defined region boundary the regional restricted policies defined by the administrator get enforced automatically. Similarly, when the device goes out of the region the policy reverts back automatically.

The following is a list of applicable policies.
1. Disable automatic screen lock in the trusted regions such as home or work. With this feature the phone won’t automatically lock once you unlocked it and have started to use it. The phone will automatically lock when moved out of the trusted region. This improves productivity and also maintains security.

2. Disable or block camera in the certain geographical area. The administrator can block the phone’s camera automatically inside company campus, as an example. With this feature un-authorized users or devices will be unable use the camera to take pictures or video, which helps prevents data leakage and theft.

3. The administrator can also block other policies such as the Safari Browser, AppStore and iTunes Music stores in certain geographical regions.

Currently, this feature is available for iOS based devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. To enable Geofencing please update to the latest version of the Codeproof App installed on the device.

Setting it up:

  1. Sign-up here
  2. Go to your iPhone/iPad and open up AppStore
  3. Install Codeproof App (App download link here)
  4. Open Codeproof App and Enroll device
  5. Login to Cloud Console here
  6. Go to Mobile Policy Manager from top menu
  7. Expand the tree on left side and select your device or group of devices
  8. On right hand side panel, goto iOS Security and then go to “Geofencing” tab
  9. Enable “Region Monitoring” and Add location coordinates latitude, longitude and radius(in meters) of the region. See below.
    Geofencing Policy Editor

    Geofencing Policy Editor

    Add GPS coordinates

    Add GPS coordinates

  10. In order to find out latitude and longitude of your location, In your phone, Open Codeproof App and go to “Device Information” page. At the bottom, latitude and longitude information available. Enter this info in the console. Also enter radius in meters. [Note: You must enable location service for Codeproof]. See below.

    Determining GPS Location coordinates

  11. Save the policy by clicking on “Save” button below.
  12. All set

In order location based policies to work properly, please make sure that “Background App Refresh” and “location services” are enabled for Codeproof App. See below.

Background App Refresh in iOS7

Background App Refresh in iOS7

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