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07Nov 2013

Web content filtering in iOS devices using Codeproof

Using Codeproof console, Administrator can specify what websites are allowed to access in iPhone, iPad devices and what websites are not allowed to access by the end user. [Note: In order to enable web content filtering policies, device must be in “Supervised Mode”.]

Setting up the allowed/blocked list is very simple.

1. In the Mobile Policy Manager, select a device or a group of iOS devices.
2. Make sure that the device is configured as a “supervised” device. To enable supervision, follow this blog article.
3. On right side panel, go to “iOS Security” and then “Web Content Filter”
4. Add allowed, blocked website urls and hit “Save”

See below example. In this example, we allow only and block rest of the internet websites access.

Website Blocking in iOS

Website Blocking in iOS

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