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Aerospace & Defense Industry

Aerospace And Defence Industry Mobile Security

Industry Challenges

Aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturers today face challenges as the industry goes through a rapid period of transformation. Companies face increasing threat from innovative competitors, an expanding multinational workforce, rising production and servicing costs and security challenges all while trying to expand revenue growth with new products and services

A&D companies must find new ways to bring new products to market with speed and efficiency whilst keeping budgets under control and managing the supply chain from the tender process to final delivery. Governments are forcing the A&D industry to utilize the means necessary to reduce cost while manufacturing the equipment critical for successful defense against rising security threats.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

To remain competitive and to allow growth A&D companies must implement enterprise mobility solutions in conjunction with enterprise security technology to reduce costs, expand revenue growth, provide innovative, efficient asset management and project delivery while maintaining the highest levels of data protection and cyber defense.

Codeproof provides a complete suite of enterprise management solutions from remote device management, BYOD network security, automated software distribution, secure web browser, android enterprise management and enterprise security.

These capabilities assist A&D companies to effectively manage the lifecycle of products, maximize output across the organization, keep budgets under control and accelerate key business objectives to expand and grow the business building market share and securing new customers.

Arnprior Aerospace Inc, Canada

Arnprior Aerospace Inc

Arnprior Aerospace provides design, development and manufacturing services in support of integrated aerostructure, avionic racks and multi-commodity structural assemblies, kits and components.

Arnprior uses Codeproof to secure and manage all of their iPad and iPhone devices in the company. If the device is lost or stolen, device will be remotely wiped and prevent any data theft. Customer also uses Codeproof to enable strict password policy, locating the device, deploying enterprise apps and generating various device inventory reports.