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Industry Challenges

A successful construction project relies on the work of site managers, architects, engineers, laborers and other various contractors. There are often multiple projects on the go within the overall project.

It's a monumental task for a construction business to keep a record of workers, staff, processing of payments, monitor completion of jobs, manage contractor availability and forecast costs and budgets. As buildings become increasingly connected and high-tech there will be even more complexity to deal with.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

Mobility solutions help construction projects through the entire life cycle of a project from initial planning through to final lock up.

Effective management using an end-to-end enterprise mobility solution can lead to the success of a construction project. Mobile device management allows for the effective communication between all employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers. This can be achieved through remote management software on site or off site across tablets and smartphones at any office location domestically or internationally.

Codeproof’s enterprise mobile security solutions help handle the complexities of a construction project allowing the control of all aspects of the project. Using mobile applications on wireless devices lets contractors monitor the progress of projects and manage plans, budgets, resources and handle issues with speed and efficiency.