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Emergency Medical Services

Industry Challenges

Ultra-fast response to emergency medical services depends on the ability to deliver and access the necessary emergency information as the incident happens. Healthcare institutions offering emergency medical services rely on a mobile workforce strategically deployed at geographically disparate locations. To reduce incident response time and offer effective emergency services, the staff involved is equipped with mobility solutions intended to get the message across as soon as the emergency incident is reported. However, inadequate mobility management capabilities prevent healthcare institutions from establishing effective mobility practices that lead to fast response to emergency incidents.

Benefits of utilizing Mobile computing

Codeproof mobile device management, security and IoT solutions empower healthcare institutions to eliminate the challenges associated with automated and real-time management of a geographically disparate workforce. The cloud-connected device management solution enables these organizations to enforce mobility management policies based on geographic location, time and user identity, among other parameters. Integration with mobile and IoT data security solution prevents theft or leak of sensitive personal information. Remote data wipe capabilities eliminate the chance of compromising data when the device is lost or stolen.

Quality emergency services are strongly dependent upon getting the right message across to the right incident response team at the right time – Codeproof MDM and mobile application management solutions for Android, iOS and Blackberry devices are built to meet these objectives from the ground up. Healthcare institutions can also add tailored device management features to meet the evolving mobility needs of emergency medical services organizations. The solution is also in compliance with regulatory standards and ensures end-to-end management and security in an automated and effortless manner.

On Time Transport, Inc., New Jersey

On Time Transport Logo

OnTime Medical Transportation is one of the leading EMS providers in the USA. Established in 1990, the organization employs around 300 caring and dedicated employees and uses 130 modern vehicles across multiple locations in Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey. The organization has been awarded the New Jersey EMS Private Provider of the year by the Department of Health and is considered as one of the most service-oriented companies in the industry.

OnTime relies on Codeproof platform to secure and manage all of mobile devices used in the medical transportation ambulance vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a mobile device that is remotely managed using Codeproof's cloud-based mobile management software. Using the Codeproof MDM solution, these devices are completely locked down to run a specific set of medical dispatch apps. This capability improves security, driver productivity and efficient use of cellular data in the devices. And most importantly, it saves lives!