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Taxis and Transportation Services

Industry Challenges

Drivers that are constantly on the move transporting customers between places are always under pressure to reach the destination on time, keep connected with the backend control system and ensure safe, efficient and reliable transportation services. Without adequate mobility management capabilities, taxi and transportation service providers lose valuable time and information that would otherwise help them achieve their business goals while maximizing service quality for customers. Lack of personalized and real-time decisions lead to rising cost of transportation services. Lack of informed decisions due to the limited information available via mobile devices is a rising concern among transportation service organizations and drivers as front-line employees. Inability to manage and secure mobile devices prevents these organizations from maximizing the technology potential of enterprise mobility.

Benefits of utilizing Mobile computing

Codeproof mobility solutions for taxi and transportation organizations establish industry-proven mobility best practices with the most practical mobile device management and security features. Codeproof IoT solutions further empower transportation companies to manage data from vehicle telemetry and IoT systems to make informed decisions based on accurate data received in real-time. The technology enables immediate driver dispatch as the customer requests transportation services. Instant mobile notification capabilities allow the driver to respond to customer requests in real-time. In-car point of sale expedite and ensure payment processing using mobile devices.

Use dedicated apps for Android and iOS smartphones running in the Kiosk mode to ensure productive and safe use of mobile technology. The simple device management console provides visibility into all registered devices, analyzing data usage and defining policies for multiple devices based on the organization’s mobility policies. Device commands and messaging features, device logging and a vast range of reporting capabilities enable the backend staff and front-line drivers to collaborate effectively in delivering superior services in the competitive transportation industry segment.

Tokyo MK Group, Japan

Tokyo MK Group Logo

Tokyo MK Group is one of the largest premium luxury vehicles rental company in Tokyo Japan. Established in 1960, the company offers to rent premium luxury vehicles from brands including Lexus, BMW and the Toyota Alphard with an affordable price. The organization operates globally in many cities including Tokyo, Seoul, Los Angeles and Shanghai.

Tokyo MK Group relies on the Codeproof platform to secure and manage all mobile devices used in the vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a 3G iPad device that is remotely managed using Codeproof's cloud based mobile management software. Using the Codeproof MDM solution, the iPad device is completely locked to run a specific vehicle dispatch app. This improves security, driver productivity and efficient use of cellular data in the devices.