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Geofencing and Location based policies

Geofencing and Location based policies

Codeproof now offers the much anticipated location based mobile policies management capability known as Geofencing. IT Administrators can leverage this feature to apply location based polices to multiple geographical zones using the Codeproof MDM console. These policies are enforced automatically to devices that connect with the appropriate network zone. Similarly, the geofencing mdm policies revert automatically when the moves out of the specific network zone.

IT Administrators can enforce the following Geofencing policies using Codeproof MDM and Mobile Security Solution:

  • 1. Disable the camera functionality to prevent users from taking unauthorized pictures in specific geographic locations.
  • 2. Disable automatic screen lock so that users don’t have to unlock their device repeatedly at work. This capability maximizes productivity for employees using mobile devices at the workplace.
  • 3. Disable apps and browsers such as the Safari Browser, AppStore and iTunes Music stores in specific geographical regions using the enterprise mobile device management solution.

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