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Mobile Kiosk Software

Mobile Kiosk Solutions

Turn on Kiosk mode on your smartphones and tablet devices remotely. With the Kiosk mode turned on, the device will run only one app while restricting access to the home screen and task bar. Codeproof Mobile Kiosk Software also includes Kiosk App Management support that allows IT Administrators to hide apps that are not selected to run in the Kiosk mode.

Samsung tablet and Android devices Kiosk software

  • Custom branding and custom desktop background
  • Disable taskbar, settings and notification bars
  • Custom home screen
  • Remotely turn on/off apps from the home screen
  • Custom website access
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iPad and iPhone Kiosk software

Convert iPhone and iPad devices into Kiosk devices using Codeproof Mobile Kiosk Software. Remotely configure Kiosk mode applock policies from the Codeproof Web console. In the Kiosk mode, Administrator can control following policies and components on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

  • Enable/Disable Touch
  • Enable/ Disable Device Rotation
  • Enable/Disable Volume Buttons
  • Enable/Disable Ringer Switch
  • Enable/Disable Sleep WakeButton
  • Enable/Disable AutoLock
  • Enable/Disable VoiceOver
  • Enable/Disable Zoom
  • Enable/Disable Invert Colors
  • Enable/Disable Assistive Touch
  • Enable/Disable Speak Selection
  • Enable/Disable Mono Audio
Mobile Kiosk Software iPadAndiPhoneKioskSoftware.jpg

The enterprise mobility management is now simplified!

The comprehensive SaaS enterprise mobility management solution is offered on an affordable, no-obligation subscription-basis pricing model.