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Samsung Mobile Device Management Solutions

Samsung Mobile Device Management MDM Solutions

Samsung Electronics Korea and Codeproof have worked closely together to develop a state-of-the-art cloud-based enterprise mobility management system. Codeproof uses the Samsung KNOX platform to secure and manage various Samsung devices and offers the following key features:

  • Application management

    Enforce mobile app blacklisting and whitelisting to ensure the devices connected to your corporate network do not run apps that pose security and productivity challenges.

    Samsung Mobile Device Management Solution ApplicationManagement.jpg
  • Mobile Expense Management

    This capability empowers organizations with visibility into cost-related information such as call, SMS usage and call duration times, among others. Cellular mobile policy enforcement solution also allows IT Administrators to disable data roaming and tethering, as well as limiting the number of SMS that users can send.

    Samsung Mobile Device Management Solution MobileExpenseManagement.jpg
  • Hardware/Software Component management

    Enable or disable device functionality such as cameras, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB connections. IT organizations can also reset devices to original factory settings, upgrade OS, manage Google backups and enable mobile-to-PC syncing using the Samsung Kies feature.

    Samsung Mobile Device Management Solution HardwareOrSoftwareComponentManagement.jpg
  • Remote configuration

    Apply secure configuration distribution of Exchange ActiveSync, Cisco AnyConnect, IMAP and POP3 email, Wi-Fi, Access Point Name (APN), Web proxy and other settings from across the cloud network

    Samsung Mobile Device Management Solution RemoteConfiguration.jpg
  • Security management

    Provision security policies such as password settings, enable or disable data encryption, install and terminate certificates, and adjust firewall settings remotely

  • Inventory monitoring

    Achieve complete visibility into device information such as total memory usage, installed application list and OS version.

    Samsung Mobile Device Management Solution InventoryMonitoring.jpg
  • Mobile Kiosk Software

    Simplify the user interface by presenting only the required applications, disabling hardware keys such as “power off” and removing the notification bar to enhance productivty

    Samsung Mobile Device Management Solution MobileKioskSoftware.jpg
  • Location-based service

    Identify the location of missing devices, enforce territorial boundaries and policies associated with specific devices, wipe device data to protect confidential information on stolen or lost devices and export the location history data including physical addresses from the Codeproof console

    Samsung Mobile Device Management Solution LocationBasedService.jpg
  • Secure Web Browser App

    Restrict access to internet and specific website content based on website URL and keywords. Increase privacy and security by blocking advertisements.

    Samsung Mobile Device Management Solution SecureWebBrowserApp.jpg
  • App Deployment and Management

    Silently deploy or install apps (APK) on all the enrolled devices simultaneously. Silently remove installed apps remotely from the cloud console. No security prompt in the device during this operation.

  • Credentails and Certificate Management

    The MDM Administrator can deploy and manage security certificates centrally from codeproof cloud console.

  • Helpdesk Enabled

    The IT administrator can remotely troubleshoot helpdesk related issues on various mobile devices.

The enterprise mobility management is now simplified!

The comprehensive SaaS enterprise mobility management solution is offered on an affordable, no-obligation subscription-basis pricing model.