Company Overview

Founded in 2011, Codeproof Technologies is a modern cybersecurity software company specializing in mobile device management and security solutions. Our central cloud-based platform enables organizations to secure, deploy, and manage both employee-owned (BYOD) and company-owned devices efficiently.

Codeproof Technologies Inc., a Delaware corporation with its headquarters at Silicon Valley, California and branch office in Bengaluru in India.

Codeproof Technologies pioneered the MDM industry by introducing the first cloud-based, over-the-air mobile device management software for Apple iOS in 2012.

Who We Are

Codeproof offers a fast, simple, and easy-to-use cloud and AI-powered cybersecurity software platform for small businesses and enterprises worldwide. While others build complex platforms, we simplify complex systems and provide a more automated approach to handling IT security needs.

Our flagship product,Codeproof Cyber Device Manager® is a state-of-the-art MDM/UEM platform, offering an unparalleled user experience with its easy-to-navigate dashboard and one-click MDM policy updates. It features fast zero-touch device enrollment, advanced MDM APIs, and seamless automation capabilities, catering to both non-technical and tech-savvy users.

Customizable MDM feature development on request helps meet the individual needs of large enterprise deployments, ensuring the solution meets specific enterprise mobility business requirements.

Our dedicated admin portal for resellers and MSPs features a unified customer management dashboard for streamlining IT operations. Integration with ABM, Android Enterprise, Android Zero Touch, and OEM Configuration enables seamless device management across modern platforms. Cyber Device Manager® offers robust support via live web chat, email, and phone. With patented technology in the United States, we deliver unique and innovative solutions to secure and manage your devices effectively.

Enjoy flexible monthly credit card billing with pay-as-you-go subscriptions and experience the superior capabilities of Cyber Device Manager®.

SiteSecure® is a BYOD solution which blocks phone cameras inside specified spaces like factory and office campuses to prevent data theft, IP theft, and other security breaches.

Who we are
Vision & Mission

To empower businesses and organizations of all sizes to secure and manage their mobile devices and computers, ensuring maximum productivity and protection of sensitive data. We strive to be the industry leader in cloud and AI-powered cybersecurity solutions, simplifying complex systems, and delivering an automated approach to IT security. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is unwavering, as we continually aim to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

At Codeproof Technologies, our mission is to deliver the most effective and efficient cybersecurity and device management solutions, ensuring the security and protection of sensitive data while maintaining compliance with industry regulations. We are committed to constant innovation and improvement of our offerings, providing exceptional customer service and support. We aim to simplify complex systems and collaborate with enterprises to build tailored solutions based on their needs.

Our History

How we started


  • Launched Sales Operations in India.
  • Revamped macOS MDM with Enhanced Features.
  • India team offsite in Bangalore in May 2024.
  • Debuting OKTA SSO Integration.


  • Our founder and CEO, Satish Shetty, wrote an article that was published in Forbes about MDM and cybersecurity.
  • Debuting the MSP Dashboard for our MDM/UEM Platform: Empowering Our Valued Resellers and MSP Community in June 2023.
  • Renamed Codeproof MDM/UEM platform to Cyber Device Manager®.
  • Partnership with T-Mobile Channel Partner team.
  • Debuting REST-based Modern MDM APIs.
  • Introducing Third-Party Platform Integrations, Including Samsung SDS and Checkpoint Software.


  • Codeproof launched partnerships with Bullitt Mobile, maker of CAT branded phones.
  • Codeproof entered into an agreement with AMI Strategies for carrier billing of Codeproof products by US Cellular.
  • The company extended partnership with Kyocera and launched an offer of six months free Codeproof MDM for new purchasers of Kyocera phones.
  • The company added support for the MacOS device management in the same year.


  • The company entered into a formal agreement with Hyperion Partners for distribution and resale of Codeproof MDM.
  • Codeproof was included in Forrester's "Now Tech: Unified Endpoint Management Report.
  • Codeproof Technologies moved its headquarters from Redmond, WA to Sunnyvale, CA.



  • Opened Codeproof Tech support center in Bangalore, India
  • Codeproof solution listed on the Sprint IoT Factory
  • Partnered with Sonim Technologies


  • Established as a Sprint solution partner
  • Won the King County Executive’s Small Business Award
  • Partnered with Zebra Technologies


  • Established as a Android EMM provider
  • Android Enterprise (AfW) integration debuted
  • Established as a T-Mobile solution partner
  • Campus Camera Blocking BYOD solution implemented at Nissan Automobile plant


  • Version 2 Website launch
  • LG Enterprise Mobile Security debuted
  • Established as a Google partner(Android for Work)


  • Samsung KNOX integration debuted at Mobile Word Congress, Barcelona, Spain
  • U.S. Patent For Enterprise Mobility Management Software Technology granted
  • Established as a LG Electronics Partner


  • Samsung Galaxy EMM/MDM V1 debut
  • Participated as EMM Panel member at SuperMobilityWeek/MobileCon, Las Vegas


  • Established as a Samsung MDM Partner
  • Non-provisional Patent Application submitted
  • Support for iOS7 debuted at MobileCon 2013 CA


  • Established as Apple MDM Vendor
  • The company launched its first cloud-based MDM platform, version 1.0, providing solutions for both Android and iOS devices.
  • The company was the first MDM vendor to offer a cloud-based, user-friendly iOS MDM solution.
  • SDK and MDM API released



  • Product development begin