Mobile Kiosk Software

Codeproof offers the ability to change any mobile phone or tablet from a major platform (iOS or Android) into a kiosk and deploy these changes remotely. With kiosk mode turned on, the device will run only one app or a few apps while restricting access to the home screen and task bar. Codeproof Mobile Kiosk software also includes Kiosk App Management support. All these policies and components can be controlled by an IT Administrator from the Codeproof console.

This solution is offered to fulfill the need for company-owned devices. Its primary applications are in the case of an extremely limited range of functionalities e.g. digital signage, medical device kiosks, restaurant billing, ticketing, inventory management, surveys for field researchers etc. However, it is also used to prevent device misuse such as accessing undesirable apps and websites, excessive data usage, and any other unauthorized form of use.

On Apple devices, kiosk mode is known as Single App Mode and is deployed on company-owned devices called supervised devices. On Android devices, company-owned devices are called dedicated devices (formerly called corporate-owned single-use) and can run multiple apps in kiosk mode. Running in single app mode on Android is called lock task mode.

Kiosk mode

Kiosk features

  • Configure company kiosk policies simultaneously at the group level from the Codeproof cloud console
  • Apply policies to all devices enrolled simultaneously and automatically
  • Create custom with branding company logo and group or device level personalization
  • Silently install and remove apps
  • Remotely update Android and iOS software and patches
  • For iOS and Android, install multiple apps (including selected business apps) in the home screen and blacklisting all the built-in apple apps
  • For iOS and Android, show app in full screen mode only when opening the app
  • Restrict access to selected applications
  • Block users from accessing social media like Facebook and Twitter or installing games
  • Blacklist/whitelist websites in Safari and Chrome and improve web security
  • Enable/Disable system functionalities like touch, device rotation, volume, sleep/wake, zoom, auto lock, accessibility features, WiFi, mono-audio, camera, OTA update, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, etc.
  • Block notification bar, quick settings, overview button, back button, home button and power buttons
  • Select custom home launcher app or use Codeproof App Manager
  • Manage platform specific features like Game Center and iMessage on iOS
  • Block users from altering system settings
  • Customize look and feel of device (including app layout, company branding, wallpaper etc.)
  • iOS Single App Mode and Android lock task mode allows only single app to run in the device
  • Collect usage data (launch time, duration of usage, etc.)



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