Codeproof, a T-Mobile Registered Partner, offers an exclusive Cyber Device Manager along with mobile device management (MDM) and security software specifically designed for T-Mobile smartphones and tablets. T-Mobile business customers are encouraged to sign up and take advantage of the Codeproof platform, which now includes the Cyber Device Manager MDM for enhanced security measures. This addition makes our platform the most advanced unified endpoint management service available on the market. Explore how we can elevate your device security and management capabilities today.

Our platform, Cyber Device Manager, now offers a range of phone remote management features, as shown below.


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Deploy and manage apps from a cloud-based console. Configure/manage mail, WiFi and VPN. Blacklist/whitelist apps, websites, and content.

Security policies

Security Policies

Create, deploy, and enforce security policies to all devices for data security, privacy, and compliance.

BYOD Containerization

BYOD Containerization

Separate work and personal data for privacy and data security. Restrict corporate apps, data, and management policies to the work profile.

Security alerts

Security Alerts

Receive alerts via text and/or email in case of security incidents and neutralize them automatically.

Location tracking

Location Tracking

Remotely locate lost or stolen devices including physical address with GPS tracking. Lock and/or wipe devices without deleting personal data.

Geofenced Camera Blocking

Geofenced Camera Blocking

With SiteSecure®, disable phone camera functionality in specified areas to prevent users from taking pictures or video.

Cloud dashboard

Cloud Dashboard

Access and manage devices, apps and telemetry using Codeproof’s user friendly cloud dashboard anytime, anywhere.

Mobile expense control

Mobile Expense Control

Monitor and restrict the data usage in mobile devices.

Contacts manager

Contacts Manager

Organize all your business contacts in one place. Publish and manage contacts through the Codeproof dashboard.

Content collaboration

Content Collaboration

Enable secure file sharing, editing, and saving, along with secure sharing of data, including emails and apps.

Remote screen access

Remote Screen Access

Remotely access the screens of Android devices and control the apps from the Codeproof Cloud Console.



Get in-depth, informative, and easy to read reports e.g. device inventory reports, app summary reports etc. in one place.

Content filtering

Content Filtering

Block unauthorized content by flagging websites, IP addresses, keywords, categories, and content on WiFi and cell networks.



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