Educational Institutions

Academic institutions are under constant pressure to improve education quality within limited resources. Diversity in demographics, location, teacher skills and funding all contribute to unbalanced educational opportunities in any given area. Parents with high-incomes invest more in their child’s education. The result is a growing gap in test scores, college attendance, graduation rates and academic success.

Educational regulations from government require schools to maintain high standard of education, with incentives to schools that surpass expectations. Low teacher salaries are a serious problem as schools with more funding and incentives are able to attract better teachers. This leaves failing schools failing because they do not have the initial funding required to improve their foundation, attract better teachers and make a difference with participating students.

Inadequate collaboration among teachers and ineffective use of technology to enhance learning opportunities have compromised education quality in under-developed communities.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

Effective use of mobile technologies can level the playing field for academic institutions that lag behind in the digital age. Mobile technologies enables distance Web-based learning, empowers students with the ability to access learning material on the go, and enables teachers to collaborate in devising effective learning programs and teaching strategies. Mobility allows these benefits to expand outside the confines of the classroom.

Educational Organizations Mobile Security

Programs where every student is provided a mobile device for their education are encouraged to stay in school, especially in low-income schools. Digital textbooks and other books can be read at the convenience of the student but monitored by the teacher. Mobile clouds allow teachers and students to share work, such as the day’s lessons and homework. Instance messaging and forums enable on-going question and answer sessions. Lessons and school projects can incorporate more collaboration between students who have conflicting schedules.

Codeproof mobile device management and enterprise mobility security solutions allow academic institutions to capitalize on simple smartphones and tablets to build a better, technology-driven educational ecosystem. Using Codeproof EMM platform, mobile tablets can be locked to run a single educational app, device inventory, locating the missing device, installing and updating the edu apps on multiple devices … etc

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