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The retail environment is highly competitive, consistently changing and in the midst of significant digital disruption. Traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers are constantly under threat from online retailers. Online retailers can provide a more cost effective service as they don’t carry the same kinds of overheads and can roll out web-based technology solutions with greater speed. However they can't provide the personal touch of in-store customer service.

Current global economic uncertainty means consumers are changing their purchasing habits. Across developed countries in the US, UK and Europe consumers search for a ‘bargain’ often researching online and purchasing for the most cost effective retailer. The convenience of replacing time-consuming shopping journeys with a few minutes of Web browsing and purchasing conveniently via mobile apps has forced retail organizations to establish mobile and ecommerce offerings. E-commerce has emerged as the fastest growing retail market in Europe, yet the overall percentage of retail sales via e-commerce is still relatively low.

Organizations struggling to differentiate themselves via mobility solutions need effective, secure and profitable mobile device management solutions. These capabilities empower retail organizations to adopt lean operations, offer cost competitive products to online retailers and still provide personalized customer service.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

Enterprise mobile solutions in a retail situation provide benefits for both the business and the consumer. Wireless device management within a retail business can effectively manage inventories and stock levels in real-time from the shop floor. Direct connectivity to the warehouse and remote management improves the speed of replenishing stock and placing new orders.

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On the shop floor, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones act as both a central management system and point of sale (POS) allow staff to multitask in the delivery of exceptional customer service and the management of stock and sales. The improvement in efficiency leads to greater sales and streamlined costs in the backend of the supply chain using secure, well connected and integrated mobile applications.

This remote management puts the POS anywhere in store. A customer can pay for their goods wherever staff is assisting in the purchasing process with their connected smartphones and tablets on hand.

Implementing Codeproof’s enterprise mobility solutions is the ultimate way to grow your retail business. It allows you to deliver higher standards of customer service and improve overall efficiencies and cutting costs across the business and with staff.

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