Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits face ongoing challenges in making sure they engage with communities and social groups in an effective and meaningful way.

They also face ongoing difficulty in stretching budgets and working with limited IT resources while also finding a way to keep workers motivated, effective and beneficial to community groups.

To achieve this while pushing forward awareness and the organizations mission in the wider community is a challenging and thankless task.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

However by embracing mobile technologies and enterprise management solutions non-profits can engage with communities in a more relevant and modern way. Engaging with community and social groups through dedicated apps on tablets and smartphones connects non-profits to the people they serve in a more relevant and modern way.

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This opens communication channels between workers, user groups and the central organization. It means workers can use mobile technology out in the field to educate and improve the lives of people by being more efficient in the enrolment, management and ongoing service to their communities.

Codeproof’s enterprise management solutions enables BYOD management and security so that as workers become more comfortable working with their tablets and smartphones in the field the organization can still ensure the right message is getting to the right people. This can only be achieved while having appropriate enterprise security solutions to actively keep user information and data safe and protected.

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