Mobile Application Management Solutions

Enterprise organizations need effective IT solutions to manage hundreds of mobile devices used for regular computing tasks at the workplace. Codeproof Mobile Application Management solution empowers business organizations with a range of capabilities to address the prevalent security and management challenges.

App Deployment

Using Codeproof enterprise mobility software, IT administrators can deploy mobile apps to hundreds of mobile devices silently.

Codeproof supports following App distribution techniques.

AppStore App Distribution

Distribute apps from Apple AppStore using Codeproof. This method requires app license validation on the device, allowing IT Administrators to install all subsequent applications without processing Apple ID prompts on every individual device.

VPP Managed Distribution

With the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) managed distribution mechanism, IT administrators can purchase apps from the Apple volume purchase storeand silently install the apps to all the iOS devices using Codeproof MDM platform. Visit this link for more details

Apple app store

Enterprise App Distribution

Business organizations can install in-house developed apps to multiple network connected devices using Codeproof MDM platform. Visit this link for more details.

APK distribution

Business organizations can install Android APKs silently on Samsung and other Android devices. Visit this link for more details.

Apps Reporting & Auditing

Codeproof allows IT administrators to generate reports on all installed apps to improve mobile software visibility and auditability.

Installed Apps Report

Administrators can inspect the apps on every device individually.

Android Security Permission Report

Codeproof also provides various “Android Security Permission” reports where IT administrators can inspect app permissions and track suspected malicious apps.

Google play store

Other App Management capabilities

Using Codeproof Command center, IT administrators can instantly perform the following app management operations from across the network:

  • Remotely Uninstall an application from the device
  • Remotely Start an Application in the device
  • Remotely Wipe Application Data in the device

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