Legal & Finance Industry

In legal and financial businesses two of the most demanding challenges are operating within strict regulatory frameworks and high demands on the handling and security of sensitive client data and information.

Breaches or corruption of client information can lead to irreversible reputational and operational damage. Not to mention heavy regulatory measures can be implemented rendering a business non-compliant.

Businesses must build comprehensive strategies to manage and maintain the highest security and compliance standards while managing personnel, budgets, business growth and competition from disruptive innovators.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

Comprehensive mobility solutions allow legal and financial organizations to focus on improving the customer experience, expanding revenue opportunities with existing and new clients, increase staff productivity, reduce costs and overheads while maintaining high compliance standards and managing the security of client data and information.

Finance And Legal Industry Mobile Security

Mobile device management is critical in a legal or financial operation as there can often be a mix of company provided mobile devices and BYOD from employees. Using Codeproof’s mobile device management solutions these organizations can manage mobile content, provide access to required enterprise apps only while blocking external apps and games, manage mobile device security and implement real-time productivity and sales targets.

Most importantly, Codeproof’s enterprise mobile security technology means your client data and information is secure and protected maintaining the highest levels of regulatory compliance.

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