Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)

Samsung Knox is a free and comprehensive set of hardware and software security features pre-installed in Samsung's mobile devices with Android Lollipop or greater. Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) is a free service from Samsung to enroll Samsung mobile devices into mobile device management software.

KME streamlines the initial setup and enrollment of corporate-owned and employee-owned devices. KME is the recommended tool when an enterprise requires bulk device enrollment with little configuration variance amongst the devices deployed.

Samsung and Codeproof have worked together closely to develop a state-of-the-art cloud-based enterprise mobility management system. KME provides several advantages to users.

Fast and seamless enrollment


Enroll thousands of devices into Codeproof without any manual setup. When an employee opens their phone, they have all the management, apps, and specific configurations already in place.

Device setup includes skipping time consuming steps like registering for Google/Samsung/carrier accounts.

Profile management

Automatically sign-in to Codeproof with user credentials. Manage multiple different MDM profiles for different enrollment settings.

Tamper-proof devices

Even if a KME-enrolled device is reset, Codeproof will automatically be reinstalled and the user re-enrolled upon resetting the device.

For more information, Please read the Codeproof's KME integration guide.

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