Transport & Logistics

Transport and logistics is crucial to the growth of global economies. Yet the actual process of moving people and goods around the world is now more complex and challenging than ever before.

Global economies are under pressure amongst mounting debt levels. Geopolitical risks dominate the discussions amongst world leaders. Macroeconomic events mean that across the globe GDP growth isn’t as strong as it’s been in the past. As Transport & Logistics is traditionally correlated to overall GDP growth – this puts a strain on the industry as demand for movement of goods stagnates.

However a turnaround in global GDP growth with stronger economies particularly in the US could lead to a resurgence for transport and logistics providers. These organizations are expected to deliver information updates in real-time and remain constantly connected to the mobile workforce. Failure to establish these capabilities prevents these organizations from scaling up and remaining competitive in the challenging marketplace.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

The International Transport Forum highlight in 2014 there was 3.4 trillion tons-km of rail freight, 1.6 trillion tons-km of road freight and 120 billion tons-km of inland waterways freight across OECD countries.

That’s an immense amount of freight to keep track of and ensure that it gets from point A to B safely, securely, on time and on budget. The only way to effectively and efficiently keep track of assets and freight is to implement a suite of mobile technology solutions.

Transportation and Logistics Industry

This includes wireless device management of tracking and monitoring devices, cloud based mobility solutions, BYOD management and enterprise security technology. Combined into one business mobility solution, these organizations can manage all aspects of mobile business operations in real-time right from their mobile devices and tablets.

With Codeproof’s enterprise mobility systems transport & logistics companies can maximize mobile device management capabilities to ensure productive operations by an increasingly-mobile workforce. This helps the efficiency of the entire value chain from worker output through to customer communications. Overall this reduces costs, improves worker efficiency and reduces time lost in transit.

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