Hotel & Hospitality Industry

Customer service is very important in the hotel and hospitality industry. Unfortunately, most customer service occurs behind the front desk. When personnel must leave the front desk, opportunities for customer service are often missed without any knowledge by the staff. Low staff numbers can cause even more opportunities to be missed.

As individual hotels offer more services to their customers, the need to coordinate and contribute to the overall management of the faculty increases. These requires staff to be in communication with the front desk to report problems, provide status or request assistance for themselves or the customer.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

Mobile device solutions in hotel and hospitality moves customer service out from behind the front desk. Managers can check on the well-being of the customer at any time and any location and log the results of the check into the system. If a customer has a request, employees with a mobile device can enter the request into the system and send to the appropriate department. Workers can update status of work on the device as they clean each room.

Hotel And Hospitality Industry Mobile Security

Camera and audio features on most mobile devices provide additional capabilities of gathering evidence of a problem or situation in any part of the facility.

Using Codeproof mobile security solutions, hospitality organizations can ensure improvements in customer service, workforce productivity and enhance profitability without running the risk of succumbing to cyber-attacks.

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