Warehousing Industry

Optimizing inventory and managing supply chain is an ongoing effort. Retail and manufacturing organizations face rising pressure to embrace mobility for efficient and effective supply of goods to and from the warehouse. However, inadequate visibility, management and control of mobility processes prevents organizations from maintaining optimum warehouse levels and achieving high returns on mobility investments.

These organizations need to streamline mobility workflows, reduce operational expenses and maintain superior security. Lack of mobile device management capabilities prevents them from achieving these goals, ultimately leading to under-optimized warehouse capacity utilization, redundant processes and shrinking revenue streams.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

Mobility offers a diverse range of benefits for organizations to simplify and automate manpower processes associated with warehouse operations. Automated mobile scanning and IoT devices enable real-time information update on warehouse capacity and existing stock. Connected with a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning system, organizations can issue orders for new goods in real-time to ensure timely, accurate and optimized supply to and from the warehouse. This productivity further reduces the manpower required for warehouse operations while maximizing returns on investments.

Codeproof technologies empower manufacturing and retail organizations with advanced mobile device management and security capabilities to optimize warehouse management operations.


The cloud-based Codeproof MDM and IoT security console is a flexible, highly functional and cost-effective IT solution to the growing warehouse management challenges that impact the profitability and sales of your business.

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