Codeproof MDM API

Codeproof provides the following Mobile Device Management (MDM) API’s to partners & mobile developers. Integration of Codeproof MDM APIs with other software or a mobile app, allows significantly more control over reporting & management of mobile devices. Using the Codeproof MDM API, an developer can trigger MDM actions, query device information, install applications, enable kiosk mode and enforce restriction policies in any enrolled mobile devices. Simply install the Codeproof Agent App in your mobile device, and after the app is enrolled with Codeproof platform, start making calls to Codeproof MDM API in cloud. For questions/feedback email us at support(at)

MDM SDK extensibility

  • query device information
  • detect jail-broken, passcode lock, etci
  • query installed applications information
  • query running applications information
  • query iOS restriction policy information
  • query installed iOS profile information
  • send commands such as remote wipe, remote lock, send scream and push notifications
  • enforce policies such as disabling camera, appstore, safari, enabling single app mode ..etc
  • enforce time based policies
  • install apps and enforce app configurations
  • enable single app mode/kiosk mode

MDM SDK API sample source code are available on github:

For questions/feedback email us at

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