Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment

The energy industry is at a critical juncture to embrace sustainability and efficiency across the globe. With increasing global warming leading to climate change, ageing infrastructure, and energy poverty due to unequal distribution of energy resources, the need for innovative solutions is no longer a necessity for survival.

The increasing population and urbanization lead to greenhouse gas emissions which contribute a major chunk of climate change. A significant portion of the global population lacks access to reliable and affordable energy, limiting their economic and social opportunities. On the other hand, the ageing infrastructure is grappling with the energy demands of the growing economies. Upgrading this requires a significant investment. There have been plenty of summits and conferences to fight Climate Change. These conferences are decorated with talented scientists, policymakers, and leaders across the globe. After long discussions and debates, they end up strategizing and planning the policies, signing different treaties, and pledging to reduce carbon emissions and cater to the needs of the energy industry. But these affirmations cannot be manifested into reality unless we take responsibility at an individual level. This write-up is not about preaching basic energy-saving hacks at the micro level using technology efficiently without burning cash to address the demands of energy-related SMBs.

Leveraging MDM/UEM Solutions for Energy Industry Challenges:

Encouraging sustainable practices like virtual meetings, telecommuting, recycling, reusing paperless workflows, and switching to green energy helps in reducing energy consumption drastically thereby decreasing carbon footprint. There are multiple challenges faced by Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in remote-based work cultures to name a few employees' productivity, collaboration among different departments, and operational fatigue. By managing power settings, monitoring energy usage, and tracking device activity, organizations can optimize productivity and energy efficiency within their operations. In this way, employees don't have to travel to office premises. This saves a lot of money and non-renewable energy resources, thereby increasing the life span of existing infrastructure. The Cyber Device Manager helps in streamlining the process, thereby increasing operational efficiency.

The cyberattacks like ransomware, phishing, and IoT to name a are one of the biggest challenges. Cyber Device Manager block phishing attacks, SMS spam, spam calls, and malicious websites, ensuring the integrity of energy infrastructure. Moreover, by blocking pre-loaded apps and whitelisting websites and applications, we optimize device battery life and make devices more energy efficient.

It's disheartening that many people still lack access to affordable and reliable energy. Supporting initiatives to bring clean and affordable energy to underserved communities becomes easier when organizations adopt sustainable energy consumption practices resulting in reduced waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions. The energy industry stands at the crossroads of challenges and opportunities. By embracing innovative technologies and leveraging MDM/UEM solutions like Cyber Device Manager, we can overcome these hurdles. Through sustainable practices, enhanced security, and optimized productivity, we move closer to a greener and more efficient energy landscape.

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