Comply with the ELD mandate

The ELD mandate is a U.S. federal government regulation which was first published on December 16, 2015. It mandates operators of commercial motor vehicles to use electronic logging devices(ELD's). These devices automatically log a vehicle’s driving time, for easier, more accurate hours of service recording, and easier managing, tracking, and sharing of records of duty status (RODS).

This system replaces the earlier conventions of using paper logs and more primitive devices called Automatic On-board Recording Devices.

Why ELD exists

The profession of commercial transportation is noteworthy for the long hours employees log behind the wheel, which leads to fatigue, loss of concentration, and impaired judgment. Several studies over many decades have established that fatigue is a major factor in increased street and highway accident rates.

Because of the attention of regulators, news media and the public over the accidents, deaths, and property loss due to inaccurate logging, regulations were passed restricting driver hours of service and requiring logs documenting hours of service. Unfortunately these systems were far from foolproof, because

  1. Drivers can miscalculate the hours spent behind the wheel
  2. Employers can still coerce drivers into working extra

The mandate covers:

  1. Interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers currently required to keep RODS (record of duty status)
  2. Vehicles that weigh more than 10,001 pounds
  3. Vehicles with placarded hazmat loads
  4. Vehicles carrying more than 8 or 15 passengers (depending on vehicle class).

For an idea of listed devices are self-certified by the manufacturer, check the FMSCA website.

For a full understanding of the ELD mandate, please read the original release.

How Codeproof helps keep you ELD mandate compliant

NOTE: This document offers the ways in which Codeproof keeps customers compliant. However, every enterprise should do its own compliance due diligence and assess its mobile security framework to support ELD mandate compliance.

The Codeproof platform can be installed and integrated with Geotab and other ELD applications on employee and company owned mobiled devices.

  1. Device Tracking and Logging: Codeproof allows an administrator to enable or disable location tracking. It also logs the device location history so an administrator knows exactly where the associated vehicle or individual has been. The driver cannot turn off location tracking.
  2. Remote app installation and updates: Codeproof allows the controller to install and update the applications that are supporting the ELD mandate remotely.
  3. Auto Data-wipe Policy for Lost Devices: Codeproof data-wipe policy erases the lost/stolen device in case of unauthorized brute force attack after a number of failed password attempts.
  4. Prevent unauthorized app usage: Codeproof prevents the use of apps that have not been approved by the customer.