• Protect Wi-Fi from intruders and hackers

    Automatically encrypt public Wi-Fi network connections

Secure Wi-Fi

The continuing trend of remote work makes data leakage prevention ever more important for organizations of all types.

Codeproof Secure Wi-Fi is a cybersecurity mobile app which uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to enhance the security of your device preventing intrusion when using unsecured Wi-Fi networks such as those at airports, cafes (such as Starbucks), hotels, restaurants, libraries and transit systems.

The Codeproof Secure Wi-Fi app is user-friendly - easy to configure - and is carrier agnostic.

Secure Wi-Fi

Security benefits:

  • Automatically detects Wi-Fi networks and configures protection
  • Secures smart phones from man-in-the middle attacks
  • Prevents password theft and login hijacking
  • Prevents ISP tracking
  • Increases online banking security
  • Increases online shopping security
  • Increases online privacy
  • Prevents monitoring of device activity

Codeproof Secure Wi-Fi is a paid monthly recurring subscription service offered at a rate of $1.99 per month. The subscription renews automatically each month until cancelled by going to the Settings app and is billed to the customer’s iTunes account. The Secure Wi-Fi app is compatible with all major mobile carrier networks including T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.

Frequently asked questions

The app is currently available for download from the Apple Appstore and will soon be available on the Google Playstore.

Secure Wi-Fi automatically encrypts public Wi-Fi network connections using an industry standard VPN technology.

No. Codeproof MDM is not required. Secure Wi-Fi is a standalone cybersecurity app. It can be deployed using any MDM product or manually installed as a download from AppStore and Playstore.

The Secure Wi-Fi app is designed for enterprise customers. It can be easily activated using a QR Code. Enterprise customers can reach out to sales@codeproof.com to setup a demo.

Please email support@codeproof.com for a fast and friendly technical support.