SiteSecure® - Campus camera blocking

Codeproof offers SiteSecure®, a campus camera blocking solution which disables smartphone camera functionality within a defined geographic area. Using geofencing technologies based on GPS, WiFi networks and BLE beacons hardware, IT administrators can define multiple geographical regions from the Codeproof console.

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How it works

When a device enters a defined region, camera blocking policies are automatically enforced on it. Similarly, when a device moves beyond the region boundary, the geofencing policies are automatically revoked. IT administrators are automatically notified of any attempts to tamper with the phone hardware or software. The current status of this feature can be verified anytime by opening the Codeproof app on the device.

SiteSecure® works on both BYOD and corporate-owned devices. It also works on all versions of Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. This is an entirely automated solution and does not need any manual intervention. The solution has two components: the cloud based Codeproof Admin console and the Codeproof app installed on the device.

SiteSecure® has successfully been implemented on thousands of employee devices at the Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Factory in Central Mexico.

For more information on using SiteSecure®, visit our support blog.

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