Rugged Device Management

Mobile users in the logistics, shipping, construction and healthcare and other industries require semi- and ultra- rugged devices that can withstand extreme conditions, while providing simple and intuitive consumer-grade user experiences. These ruggedized devices include cellphones, wearables, and tablets.

The Codeproof platform offers a simple and secure mobility management solution for ruggedized devices. Our product offers a number of industry-leading features:

Kiosk Mode with single and/or multiple apps

Kiosk Mode (called “Dedicated devices” by Android) is designed for company-owned devices that fulfill a single use case in fields like home healthcare, trucking, or physical security.

Using kiosk mode, Lock down the usage of a device by limiting it to a single app or small set of apps. Prevent users from enabling other apps or performing forbidden actions on the device.

Lockdown unnecessary device functionalities like camera, Bluetooth, GPS, home button and back key.


Prevent users from changing settings and remotely turn on kiosk mode to enable only a select few applications on employee devices.

Lock down the device completely, including power and overview buttons.

Whitelist & Blacklist

Application whitelisting and blacklisting

Improve work productivity during office hours, device battery life, and reduce cellular data usage through blacklisting and whitelisting.

Prevent users from installing unnecessary and potentially harmful apps in company-owned device.

Curate a list of enterprise approved apps that maximize productivity and efficiency.

Automatic app updates

The Codeproof platform periodically checks in with the app stores for app updates and automatically propagates them to enrolled devices. Automatic app updates are on by default and can be turned off.

Automatic app updates
Android Enterprise Integration

Android enterprise integration

Android Enterprise(AE)is a Google-led initiative to enable the use of Android devices and apps in enterprises. It provides a secure and flexible enterprise mobility management (EMM) framework to enable true workforce productivity in an increasingly mobile workforce.

Android Enterprise is available for Android versions 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above and offers a range of server and client-side APIs.

Codeproof partnered with Google to integrate AE within its platform. The Codeproof platform can now be used to remotely secure and manage all devices powered by the Android operating system.

Android system updates

Remotely manage and push Android system updates, including new OS updates, security patches etc.

Android System Updates
Custom branding

Custom branding and management

Set the look and feel of devices by customizing the home screen banner, logo, wallpaper, and app layout on your device.

Secure content management

Securely push content to all end users, including documents, images, URL's etc.

Secure Content Management
Email Management

Email management

Manage Office365/Microsoft Exchange and other email profiles such as IMAP/POP3. Remotely create email profiles and delete inbox on confidential corporate-owned and BYOD devices from the dashboard.

Contacts manager

Easily organize all your contacts and communications in one place. Remotely publish and manage business contacts centrally through the Codeproof platform. The contact upload operation does not overwrite or modify the existing contacts stored in the device.

Contacts Manager
Remote lock & wipe

Remote lock & wipe

Remotely lock and wipe a device, protecting the data stored on the device when it is lost or stolen.

GPS tracking

Access complete device location history including GPS coordinates and physical addresses on the embedded Google Map. Export and download location history as a spreadsheet in an Excel format.

GPS tracking
Web filtering

Web filtering & site blacklisting

Remotely block website access in the device using the Codeproof Secure Browser App and built-in Chrome browser. Some of the supported features include:

  1. Remotely allow only certain websites (whitelist)
  2. Remotely block certain websites (blacklist)
  3. Remotely block websites based on keywords or the content
  4. Remotely block websites based on a keyword in the URL
  5. Remotely block all advertisements
  6. Remotely block malicious websites Setting homepage & web shortcuts

SMS texting

Send a company-wide SMS text to a single device or a group of devices.

Data usage monitoring

Data usage monitoring

Remotely monitor device data usage and receive a notification when a device data usage crosses an administrator-specified amount. Data usage is divided by cellular data, WiFi data, and overall data usage for up to 30 days.

Geofencing policies

Establish and enforce geofencing and time-based policies directly from the dashboard. Block the camera, internet, applications, and other features within predefined location coordinates and time restrictions.


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