Government Institutions

The typical picture of a government agency is an unexcited person sitting behind plexiglas and fixed computer. As they provide service, they constantly must go to another room to find some information or collect some paperwork, or perform some task that cannot be completed at their station.

Government systems are often antiquated and unable to work together. For individuals directly involved with the public, the day’s outlook does not improve as they must navigate through the stores of information, administrative hurdles and departmental silos that often embody government work environments.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

To use mobile technology effectively, systems need to have a smaller footprint. Mainframe and distributed applications can still exist but new interfaces are required because mobile devices cannot store entire applications. Cloud services excel in these situations and provides opportunities to share data between disparate and incompatible systems with a relatively small investment in API development.

Government Institutions Mobile Security

Cloud-based solutions accessed through mobile devices enable users to have access to numerous amounts of searchable information; which can be access immediately and without physical limitations. Process-based applications can diminish the number of administrative hurdles experienced and track the status of requests as they flow through the agency. Mobility encourages collaboration between disparate departments as personnel are not stuck behind their desks. Instead, they can perform their tasks on the move, in locations outside of the office and in close proximity to the public.

Codeproof mobile enterprise application platform allows government organizations to make the most of their mobile workforce and achieve operational excellence without overrunning budget limitations.

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