Healthcare Industry

Modern healthcare organizations operate in an environment of immense pressure – the pressure of rising costs, increasing government regulation, community influence and the omnipresent threat of data and information security. These organizations are required to discover new means to deliver cost-effective healthcare whilst managing the workflows and demands of a busy, hectic workforce.

At the same time patients don’t just want to feel like a number or tracking ID. They want dedicated, caring treatment from healthcare professionals. The proliferation of electronic health record technologies presents its own set of security, privacy and cost challenges in managing vast volumes of structured and unstructured patient health information, let alone increasing productivity and efficiencies.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, especially in the age of advanced enterprise mobility solutions.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

Implementation of cutting-edge mobile device management technologies allows healthcare organizations to construct an immersive network across the organization to keep track of assets and people, effectively and efficiently. Leveraging new mobile technologies delivers efficiencies and improvements healthcare organizations need in a cost-effective manner.

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Through dedicated apps, interfaces and platforms healthcare professionals can engage directly with patients. These capabilities empower patients and healthcare professionals with accurate and detailed information available in the palm of their hands with a convenient few clicks of on their tablets and smartphones. It also enables patients to communicate effectively with their physician, real-time. This approach ultimately results in better quality of care and a better quality of life.

Integration with advanced mobile app security solutions ensures the critical patient information remains secure, helps healthcare professionals understand their patients better and leads streamlined operational processes.

The ability to access critical healthcare information from mobile devices and tablets cuts time delays, improves staff efficiency, allows workflow planning on the move and reduces the overall cost-per-patient. This is all possible while maintaining safety, adhering to regulatory requirements and improving patient care standards.

The healthcare organization of today must implement new mobile technologies. It’s the only way to maintain a high standard of care while staying alive in a highly complex industry landscape.

Codeproof’s enterprise mobile device management and BYOD capabilities allows healthcare organizations to block the unnecessary apps and games that compromise security and productivity. This enhances the efficiency of healthcare professionals while maximizing security for sensitive patient data and reducing overall healthcare costs.

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