IT & Software Industry

IT & Software vendors often have to deal with employees and contractors out in the field working on jobs that require expertise knowledge and specific skill sets to ensure completion of the job to a high standard.

This means managing a workforce with varying skills, resources and time. This ‘mobile’ workforce has to have the right kind of central management to ensure the business is operating at maximum efficiency with the highest level of security and the most attentive level of customer service and after service. Without it, other more connected and agile competitors will steal market share and future revenue opportunities.

Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Technologies

Mobile device management across an IT organization helps better manage and optimize all business resources. Employees can improve productivity, and collaborate better from all over the globe. It doesn’t matter where they are, or which device they're using across tablets and smartphones managers can ensure the right person with the right knowledge is dispatched to the right job on time.

IT and Software Industry Mobile Security

Real-time information provided through a central enterprise mobility solution allows the efficient overview of operations and effective use of employee time and budget management. With Codeproof’s enterprise mobile application management platform IT organizations can become more nimble, agile and competitive with a more effective and happy workforce while making sure the business operates with the highest enterprise security standards and the right mobility strategy.

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