Standard MDM

$ 2.50
  • QR Code Enrollment
  • Apple ABM (DEP) Enrollment
  • Kiosk lockdown up to 5 apps
  • Deployment and management up-to 5 apps

Enterprise UEM

$ 5.00
  • Unlimited Apps Management
  • Fully customizable Kiosk
  • QR Code enrollment
  • Zero Touch Enrollment
  • Android Enterprise
  • ABM/DEP/VPP/Apple School Manager
  • Data Usage Monitoring
  • Application Usage Reports
  • OS Update
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Email Management
  • Secure Content Management
  • Enterprise SMS Messaging
  • Device Inventory Reports
  • SMS and Email Alerts
  • MDM Automation Scripts
  • Custom MDM Policies
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Secure WiFi

  • Unlimited public WiFis network protection
  • Android and iOS support

Enterprise EMM + Secure WiFi


Frequently asked questions

We offer online demos of the software. Contact support to request a demo.

On case by case, we may offer volume discounts if you are managing large number of devices.

We accept credit card payments via Visa and MasterCard. We also accept payments via PayPal upon customer request. You can pay via bank wire transfer only for annual subscriptions.

Yes. If you are interested in a longer than 1-year subscription, request a custom quote to receive special pricing.

Yes, license renewals are done automatically by our system on a monthly or yearly basis. If the credit card is expired or declined, we may contact you to get the updated payment info.

Purchased licenses are locked to registered devices.

Please contact Codeproof support to request a cancellation.

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