Android Enterprise(AE)

Android Enterprise (AE)is a secure and flexible Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) framework that enables Android device management for workers in an increasingly mobile workforce. It offers a range of expanded functionalities for enterprise use, including mobile device management, mobile app management and a secure company container for corporate-owned and personal work-enabled Android devices.

Using AE, EMMs can best leverage the enterprise features built into Android and Google Play for devices ranging from smartphones for healthcare to ruggedized tablets for mining. AE is available for Android versions Marshmallow (Android 6.0) and above and offers a range of server and client-side API’s. Codeproof partnered with Google to integrate AE within its platform.



EMM Token

Enroll your devices running Android 6.0 or later versions and provision them using EMM token enrollment. This method is best suited to provision a relatively small number of devices and can be used to provision devices which don’t support NFC.

QR Code

Enroll devices in Android Enterprise using QR code in both device owner and profile owner mode. This is a fast and efficient method of enrolling a large number of devices when an email cannot be sent to end users, for traditional and rugged devices for field workers, and for devices that don’t support NFC.

Zero-touch Provisioning

Provision thousands of devices without any manual setup so employees have all the management, apps, and specific configurations already in place.


Device Management

Enterprise Use Cases

BYOD Containerization

Secure and manage a self-contained work container (work profile) for work-related apps and data in case of employee-owned BYOD devices.

Corporate apps, data, and management policies are restricted to the work profile, keeping them secure and separate from personal apps and data while maintaining user privacy.

Fully managed devices (Device owner)

Control an extended range of device settings and additional policy controls not available with BYOD containerization in the case of fully managed devices.


Intended for company-owned devices, this solution set can be used only for work use (fully managed), or for both personal and work use (fully managed with a work profile).

Dedicated device (Kiosk mode)

Further lock down the usage of a device to a single app or small set of apps and prevent users from enabling other apps or performing other actions in the case of a dedicated device.

This solution is designed for company-owned devices that fulfill a single use case, such as digital signage, ticket printing, or inventory management. This solution was previously known as Corporate Owned Single Use (COSU).

Management features

Device Restrictions

Centrally enable or disable various device features including WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Airplane mode, SMS, phone, roaming, email, OS, OTA Update and Camera, among over 100 other policies. Configure restriction policies simultaneously at the group level from the Codeproof cloud console. Apply these policies to all devices enrolled in the future automatically.

App Distribution

Silently deploy or install apps on all enrolled devices simultaneously. Silently remove installed apps remotely from the cloud console without any security prompt in the device. Deploy enterprise APKs remotely from the Codeproof Cloud Console. Deploy web apps remotely from the Codeproof console.

Enterprise App Store

Operate the Google Play Store app as an enterprise app store that allows users to access and install only the apps approved that are from the Codeproof cloud console.

App Restrictions & Whitelisting/Blacklisting Policies

Block users from changing device settings and configurations, installing apps, accessing web browsers, and task manager, among other features per custom organizational policies for whitelist/blacklist.

Chrome Browser Management

Remotely configure Chrome to allow websites or block them when identified as fraudulent or compromised.

Contact Management

Easily organize all your contacts and communications in one place. Remotely publish and manage business contacts centrally through the Codeproof platform. The contact upload operation does not overwrite or modify the existing contacts stored in the device.

Email Management

Remotely manage Office365/Exchange and IMAP/POP3 emails.

Android System Updates

Remotely schedule, manage, and push Android system updates, including new OS updates, security patches etc.


Remotely troubleshoot helpdesk related issues on various mobile devices.

Miscellaneous Features

Other supported features include configurations for passcode policy, encryption policy, jailbreak or rooted detection, browser history collection, phone call collection, SMS information, etc.


Enterprise Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Secure managed devices from unauthorized factory resets to prevent wipe and/or factory reset in case the device is lost or stolen.

Block Preloaded Apps

Block potentially unwanted OEM loaded apps from the devices to improve security and control cellular data usage.

Permission Management

Remotely manage app run-time permissions from the Codeproof platform dashboard.


Web Filter and Website blocking

Remotely define a blacklist/whitelist of websites to block in the devices.

Malware Protection

The Codeproof platform gets malware protection from most widely adopted mobile threat protection service in the world – Google Play Protect.

Google Safe Browsing

Show warnings to users when they navigate to unsafe websites or download dangerous files using Google’s Safe Browsing service.

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