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Sept 5th, 2014      Redmond Reporter

Codeproof making waves in mobile device management

May 12th, 2014      CEOCFO Magazine

CEO interview with CEOCFO Magazine

Apr 3, 2014      PR NewsWire

Codeproof launches Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Mobility Management

Jan 7th, 2014      ZDNet

Codeproof specializes in BYOD security for SMBs


Oct 17, 2013      Globe NewsWire

Codeproof adds iOS 7 manageability in its MDM Platform

Jul 24, 2013      Market Watch

Codeproof Updates BYOD Security and Mobile Device Management Software for SMB

Mar 26th, 2013      InfoSec .Institute

Founder Interview with InfoSec Institute

Feb 25th, 2013     Tech-Thoughts

Codeproof - The Simple Solution to Mobile Security Problems

Feb 05, 2013      Globe NewsWire

Codeproof Enhances iPhone, iPad and Android Devices Security and Manageability

Jan 14th, 2013

SaaS & the Business of Mobile Management

Jan 02th, 2013     Codeproof

Jailbroken phones are now at 11.19%

Maximize employee productivity through Codeproof