Android zero-touch enrollment

Zero-touch enrollment is a streamlined way to provision thousands of Android devices without any manual setup. The Codeproof platform fully supports Android zero-touch enrollment.

When an employee starts a zero-touch enrolled device for the first time, it automatically initiates the provisioning method and downloads the Codeproof MDM agent in the device. The MDM agent then automatically installs all the management, apps, and specific configurations without any intervention by the employee.

Zero-touch enrollment makes large-scale rollouts of corporate-owned Android devices simple, fast, and secure. Currently, zero-touch provisioning is supported on Android 8.0+ (Oreo) devices from selected OEMs and partner carriers found in Android’s zero-touch device collection.

Note: The zero-touch portal is used by carriers (resellers) only and customers must work with a reseller first to purchase and assign devices.

For more information about Code proof's Android zero-touch enrollment, please check our support blog.

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