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Customer facts

Industry Personalized healthcare
Location Vandalia, OH, United States
Number of devices 300
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The Problem

Any home healthcare provider providing personalized healthcare for people who cannot be treated in hospitals needs to run a tight ship.

With nurses adminitering care in 13 counties, the data bills can be sky high from unauthorized apps being used.

Horizon Health was faced with that and an even greater problem. After leaving the company, employees could simply not return a device - an unnecessary and potentially expensive hassle.

The Solution

The Codeproof platform proved more than capable of solving all of Horizon's problems with a remote workforce.

"We have about 300 devices, we know where they are at, and we can shut them down if needed," said Natalie McCall, Director, Finance & Business Operations. "We don't have to worry about data usage until the bill comes out from our phone subscriber."

All this is provided to Horizon Health at a reasonable price and with sterling customer support, described as "very helpful" by McCall.


Horizon Health Network Having our employees work in remote locations, Codeproof has really helped us manage our devices...They are very helpful and detailed when explaining thing. - Natalie McCall, Director, Finanace & Business Operations.

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