Cyber Device Manager® v/s ScaleFusion

Are you looking for an alternative to ScaleFusion MDM? Try Codeproof Cyber Device Manager® — here are the reasons.

ScaleFusion Cyber Device Manager®
Device Enrollment
Manual input and configuration on the device side, including enabling apps and permissions. Create a custom group profile, set policies, approve apps, and generate a QR code. On the device side, simply scan the QR code and go—no configuration needed.
Policy config changes
Deploying Policy Config Changes
Manually create profile configurations, then select them, and then deploy the configurations to devices. It's a long process. Simply select a device or group, then use the right-side panel to change policies and hit "Save" to push the changes. Policy updates are like a snap.
Application Management
Limited or no app visibility. Remotely view all running and installed apps, detailed app usage insights, app reports, and alerts for enhanced app security.
Device Unenrollment
To unenroll a device from the MDM, you need to have a valid license. The MDM cannot be removed if the license has expired. At Codeproof, devices can be unenrolled from the MDM at any time without purchasing licenses.
Data Security and Privacy
ScaleFusion is a product of an Indian company headquartered in Pune, India. Cyber Device Manager® is a product of Codeproof Technologies, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, where the entire R&D team is based. The company adheres to U.S. federal data security and privacy laws.

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