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Industry Medical diagnostics
Location East Brunswick, NJ, United States
Number of devices 500
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The Problem

Aculabs had a problem on its hands. As an industry leader in providing long-term care and sub-acute facilities across the Mid-Atlantic, it had more than 500 company-owned devices distributed to about as many employees.

"A significant portion of our staff includes mobile employees," said Dylan Smith from Aculabs. "We needed a solution to manage what our technicians could do and access on their devices."

Looking through a number of competing MDM solutions, they realized that handling a large volume of devices out in the field wasn't their forté.

The Solution

They found the Codeproof Platform, which could both handle the volume of field devices and make managing them easy.

"Codeproof’s user-friendly dashboard and easy deployment made it the right solution for just how many devices we currently have managed," said Smith.

Since its deployment in July 2018, features like branding and app restricting have dramatically eased device retrieval and fleet management.

Their efforts to deploy and control a large volume of devices has been helped along by Codeproof's best-in-class customer service.

"The Codeproof team is both easily reached and receptive to our needs," said Smith.

With a Net Promoter Score of 9, they are extremely likely to recommend Codeproof to friends or colleagues.


Aculabs Inc.

The Codeproof platform not only assists in fleet management, but has benefitted our company in helping to make the process of retrieving company property more reliable.

Customer support is always accessible and those who have assisted us have gone out of their way to ensure the MDM platform meets all of our needs.

- Dylan Smith