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Codeproof Offering Free MDM to Healthcare Organizations In Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Redmond WA, April 20th, 2020 – Codeproof Technologies, a leading enterprise mobility management provider is offering a custom mobile device management (MDM) solution free for 6-months to hospitals, healthcare providers and frontline responders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the current crisis, healthcare providers are treating thousands of sick people every day in a time-sensitive manner, requiring rapid communication and the exchange of large quantities of sensitive data regulated under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In doing so, they interact with a variety of electronic health record technologies across a variety of devices and platforms. In this environment, a powerful, easy-to-learn, secure UEM solution is invaluable ally, allowing providers to focus on providing the best possible care for the ill.

Codeproof’s solution offers a suite of custom features for healthcare providers to securely access business apps, business data, and sensitive health information needed to perform their jobs efficiently within regulatory bounds at scale. These features include, among others, productivity tools, data encryption, location tracking and security alerts. Codeproof is offering this set of powerful tools to healthcare providers free for six months as they deal with the current surge of patients. Codeproof’s highly responsive, 24/7, personalized, global technical support ensures that transition to and use of our solutions is smooth, efficient and effective.

“We pride ourselves on being a team that is acutely responsive to its customers’ needs," said Satish Shetty, CEO of Codeproof. “Given the difficulties now being faced by healthcare providers, we are uniquely well equipped to support them with our easy-to-use, powerful UEM solutions backed by industry-leading customer service. During this crisis, we need to be more vigilant in preventing data and IP theft, making software security more critical than ever.”

Codeproof also provides solutions to other organizations impacted by the pandemic. For the education industry, Codeproof gives IT administrators the ability to pre-provision mobile devices with 4G internet and limit their use to a handful of teacher-approved apps. This ensures data security and student discipline during class hours. Also available is the ability to turn any mobile phone into a dedicated mobile hotspot to serve students and teachers who otherwise lack adequate internet connectivity.

About Codeproof

Codeproof is a modern unified endpoint management and cybersecurity company that enables businesses to easily secure, deploy and manage mobile applications and corporate data on company and employee-owned (BYOD) mobile devices. We offer customers an industry-leading feature sets, best-in-class customer support, easy onboarding, and simple interfaces.

Our flagship product, the Codeproof UEM Platform, offers fast, simple, and integrated security and mobile management with a focus on corporate data leakage prevention through mobile end-points. From a central cloud-based dashboard, businesses can quickly deploy and manage all their devices. Key features include Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Content Management, as the ability to support mobile devices from most OEMs.

SiteSecure® is a BYOD solution which blocks phone cameras inside specified spaces such as factory and office campuses to prevent data theft, IP theft, and other security breaches.

DriveSafe is a distracted driving solution combining hardware and software for transportation, trucking, and taxi companies to improve driver safety and avoid the high costs of legal liability.

Smart Mobile Hotspot allows IT administrators to pre-configure and lock-down a mobile device to function as a dedicated hotspot device.

Codeproof Technologies Inc. isa Delaware corporation with its headquarters at Redmond, WA and a branch office in Bengaluru, India.

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